What is Personal Injury

Personal Injury is a legal term use to describe an injury deflated to the body, mind or emotions but this does not include damage to the property. This term is commonly used lawsuit alleging where the injured person’s injury has been cause by the negligence of another person. If you were hurt physically or mentally at work by some incident which were not cause by your actions, you might be able to claim a personal injury.

Majority of work places have an incident book for in which the details are recorded so that it could be recalled if when needed. In-case your employer does not record a log book; it is worth to detail the incident and sending a copy to them in case if you decide to claim in the future.

Now before you decide to meet your solicitor, it would be sensible to request a copy of that report or email from your employer to be shown to the solicitor. It is also suggested to take photos of what might have caused that injury and make some notes of any witness names and addresses.

We also advise to visits a doctor as soon as possible depending on the nature of injury. It is seen that even if the injury looks to be minor at first could turn worst and if you go to the court for compensation you might be asked to provide a medical report by your doctor.

Basically there are two types of personal injury compensations that you can claim; special damages and general damages. General damages are for the compensation for the injury itself. It includes the suffering and pain that you endured and also for the loss of future earnings. Where as the Special damages are concerned, are for the financial loss incurred due to the incident during the time lead up to your hearing like cost of  medical, care, travel and damage to the clothing and belongings. You should make a list of all these expenses before you meet your solicitor and provide receipts or proof of purchases.

It is observed that most of the people don’t collect evidences or keep a record of all the problems they faced in the aftermath of that incident and it gets very hard to try for the claim of compensation.

The recommendation in this short article should be adopted to make your case strong so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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