SEO Disaster Mistakes made by Designers

Here are some common mistakes made by the designer while designing the website that would be SEO disaster. These mistakes are complete sins and unless client made the designer do them no designer in his or her right mind will do such things.

Design relies on heave flash; graphics which are disaster for SEO. Simple HTML sites rank high on search engines. If flash is unavoidable then HTML version of the same is more then compulsory. No or very few internal links; internal links or back-links are very important for the site as well as for the SEO purposes. Anchor text is essential in SEO and when your links lack anchor text then it is bad. Frankly, using images for Manu items is easier and you are sure it’ll be correctly displayed on user’s screen.

But as its affecting sites ranking then beauty should be surrender for ranking.Messy and massive coding; if you have much idea of HTML then it will be hard for you to tell if code is excessive for SEO cleanness is an important criteria. If code is too messy then this can literally exclude for site from search engine. Heave use of JavaScript; like flash search engines don’t like JavaScript when there’s tons of it. Over optimization of site; over optimization is worst then under optimization as when you keyword stuff and use other techniques to artificially raise ranking of the website then your site could get banned from search engine.

These are very important points and it you need to follow them while choosing a SEO friendly designer. Even if your site is a designer masterpiece and you promote it heavily and your designer ignores few like JavaScript or flash still your wouldn’t be able to get a increase your site ranking. So settling for an unfriendly SEO design would be very costly for you in future. Expert SEO Forum is a community of qualified SEO Experts who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide accurate, complete, and timely answers to your SEO related questions.

It really does make sense to invest in the best that your money can buy in terms of talent, but you do not necessarily need to splurge on each of the latest bells and whistles. Web design that is going to have lasting impact can easily be done on a budget because it is not about the highest level cutting edge technology on the market; it is about providing the best overall experience. Those who are truly dedicated to their craft know that the quality is in the user experience and when they can effortlessly navigate a site, find all of its useful features and identify everything clearly at a glance – the site is then a true success. This is one aspect of running a high quality site that you should always keep in mind simply because it pays off in dividends over time.

But if you are doing SEO for you own website, you may not care much about the SEO skills of your web designer but the fact remains there are certain design issues which we will discuss next, which could affect your ranking quite badly. When a person design a website against the SEO techniques, then the created problems cannot be fixed after wards with SEO tricks.

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