Rental Property Management Application

The property management software allows you access to all your rental property management tasks including data, real time, from anywhere in the world. The website application is an integrated solution to manage rental properties or sale of these properties. This application provides better work solution for companies that manage rental properties. In this designers focus should be on a user experience that is clear and intuitive, with an appealing user interface and engineers should optimized the product for speed and reliability, and work to continually improve responsiveness. With these attributes application delivers accurate, up to date listing results.

In order to enhance visitor comprehension page structure and graphical elements employed are kept consistent. When dealing with site structure site navigation is an important factor which should be kept in mind. Website application has ease of navigation. It can easily accomplished with the use of a cleanly designed flash navigation bar, separate buttons on the bar to quickly access the category of their choice and its relevant sub links. There are some others features which can enhance the application, like interactive map search, news and events panel, property listings etc. You can keep it all in your account and access it whenever, and wherever you want. You get ultimate flexibility and freedom from being tied to your files and data.

The application should easily controlled by managers who have the ability to create and modify rental properties on their web site using an efficient and powerful administrative tool. This application allows for easy updates of rental properties with multiple features such as image upload, category management, listing management, news and events management, and much more. To capture the attention of the website visitor, application consists of visually appealing and user friendly website, in which featured properties suitably showcased.

With interactive map we can see all the properties listed with a particular area, as user zooms in or out on the map. Dynamic information is displayed in events panel which can be controlled by website mangers through the use of admin tools. The property listings can be accessed by clicking on the relevant type of listings desired, based on the number of bedrooms in this case and these properties are displayed with images, and a summary of clearly defined pertinent details. Each property on the Property Listings page can be clicked to reach its own dedicated property detail page. Each property has an image gallery associated with it. The website user can view a slide show of all the pictures associated with the property they are currently looking at.

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