How to get a website to Top of Google

Ever developed a website and wondered ‘Why is it not getting that much hits’?  And if the website is made for business purpose then getting hits is arguably the most important thing in the world.

Then what do normally people do?

They have two options. Either they go to advertise their website or they follow some Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

What we are focusing here is the importance of SEO in our daily life. Mainly people will want to get their website on top of Google because Google is the most used search engine in the world. Why do people want to do that? Well it’s simple because it is the right procedure in today’s world.

I’ll give you an example. For example you have a website which you made so that you can sell your Sports Goods. Now you want the public to know that there exists a website selling sports goods. What will normal people do is they will advertise their website which is a good thing but certainly it is NOT ENOUGH. What will advance internet business personals do is to find a SEO Services company. And what will that SEO Company do? They will make your website appear on Top of Google page against certain keywords that public searches for. In our example’s case these keywords can be buy Football or Sports Goods Online etc. There are monthly more than 100 thousand searches only on Google for these keywords. Imagine now when there are 200,000 monthly searches for sports goods on Google and your website comes on 1st or 2nd position on Google, you will be sure getting more than half of the hits. And that is against only one keyword.

The question is how does these SEO Techniques work to make keywords on top of Google?

The SEO Experts understand Google search algorithm and act accordingly. Most of the work includes onpage and offpage seo. Making anchor texts and posting on relative websites/forums/blogs. The experts of SEO Company focus on posting on HIGH Page Rank (PR) websites. PR is a rank that is provided to a website that is most valued among daily internet users. A fresh website starts with having no or 0 page rank. Then as it gets more popular the rank increases, maximum rank is 10 which only few websites hold. We work tirelessly to ensure that your website climbs to the Top of Google search rankings for keywords that define your business. Our focus and dedication to our client’s Google SEO objectives allows us to be one of the most reliable and affordable company.

On Page SEO is very important to get your website recognizable in search engines.

On Page means the SEO Experts have to adjust/modify existing title, description, headings inside your own website to be able to get Search Engine to recognize your website. Certain procedures such as Keyword occurrence count in a page and Keyword usage in Heading etc are followed wisely.

Then there is also Off Page Optimization. In this type of optimization almost all of the work is performed outside your website. Mostly that includes forum signatures, blog posts containing your website’s keywords and article writing. All these article and forms posts contain the keyword that we intend to optimize. In off page optimization, one of the most important things we need to consider is not to follow black hat SEO. So this proves beyond doubt that when you start an online business you will definitely need an SEO Site to ensure that your business gets the right boost that it needs.

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