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Tech Giants War – Nokia wins Patent against Apple

Finally after a long wait, Nokia won patent against Apple resulting in a massive share gain in stock market as well. Nokia rose as much as 4.1 percent in Helsinki trading. The agreement will bolster the Devices & Services unit’s second- quarter profitability, Espoo, Finland-based Nokia said in a statement today. The details of the contract, under which Apple will pay an undisclosed sum and royalties for the term of the agreement, are confidential, Nokia said.

The two mobile-phone makers have been in litigation since October 2009, when Nokia filed a lawsuit accusing Cupertino, California-based Apple of infringing patents. Nokia also demanded royalties on the millions of Apple iPhones sold since the device’s introduction in 2007. Nokia said in March it has 46 patents asserted against Apple in civil lawsuits and complaints lodged with the U.S. International Trade Commission.

“Nokia emerges as a clear winner from the fight,” Sami Sarkamies, an analyst at Nordea Bank AB in Helsinki, said in a note to clients today. The initial payment will likely be in the range of hundreds of millions of euros related to about 200 million Apple devices delivered to date, Sarkamies said.

Nokia claim was that some technology in the iPhone disturbed its patent.

As first Apple, then Google’s Android, showed that easy access to the mobile internet was the future of phones, the giant of the industry appeared asleep at the wheel.

So in 2009 the Finnish firm launched its patent broadside, accusing Apple of trying to get a free ride on its innovation with the iPhone.

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How to Work With an Advertising Agency

For the first time when a business hires an ad agency it can be nerve racking mostly that is because hiring an agency is considered to be a luxury which they can’t afford. This is because the like any other consult ad agencies provide a service which is likely to be baffling. And at the end the business owner might be left wondering what is that he is paying for and why the results are not generating the sales figures anticipated.

But the fact remains working with an ad agency can be very meaningful and worthwhile as ad agencies other then high quality ads provides services ranging from market research effective, strategic marketing advise and media buying. The key thing is to know what the agency is capable of doing and how to bring it to the best use for them for your product. Marketing Consultants, Advertising Agency!!! 360 Creative Inc. the art of marketing & the science of creativity

Creativity is what an ad agency is known for as a business’s selling points can be creatively raised to be more effective so the target market can have better notice and generate more sales. The ad agency calls in writers and artists who brainstorm different ideas to sell the clients product or services. After spending a lot of time viewing the clients’ products or services, business and the target market the creatives come up with many different approaches to meet the client’s objectives. These ideas are at their earlier stage and can be loose, not more then pen drawings and sample headlines. The client decides that which idea should be further developed. After the selection of concept the ad agency will develops the body so it looks like bona fide ad. Then it is again presented to the client for approval as he can see how the idea will be transformed into an original sale ad. After this final approval the ad agency produces the ad which will appear in front of the clients’ customers.

The producing also involves preparations that the ad is ready to be published or broadcasted. The production is usually a separate process. It also has its own costs as well. The client has to make the final approval before the ad is released so that clients get to decide one last time and make sure that they are exactly as desired.

Every ad agency assigns an Account Executive to their each individual client as their main contact person responsible for handling all their business needs. In small ad agencies it might be one from the creative person but in the big ad agencies it is usually some marketing professional to make sure the client gets the very best of what de desire. Usually the Account executives have experience in media creative and market research and strategy as well. He is responsible to better understand the clients’ business needs and brief the rest of the agency personnel on the strategy that can meet the clients advertising needs. Account exec is also charged with overseeing that the clients’ budget is ensured and the agency is working profitably. He/she has to organize cost estimates for each stage of the process and contacting and getting clients’ approvals and signs.

If You Plan to Manage Rental Property

When if you are planning to manage rental property, you will need organizational and management skills, also to mention here a good working knowledge about real estate matters.

For those of you who are just getting started investing in rental property business this can become difficult task to handle. The hardest part is the need for you to start tracking your income and expenses for tax purposes. Now if you only have one rental property this may not be much difficult to manually track your property expenses and income but as you start to get multiple properties to mange it could get quite difficult and you may lose track of some important transactions.

But to make you life be bit easy you can do all of that stuff and manage your professional tasks with the help of a software program that can help you mange rental properties and save your hours at tax time and you can stay on top of your rental business. As you think about multiple properties, managing with the help of software can sum to a substantial savings in time and increase your cash flow, while making it easier to keep track of the status on each property individually.

Now aside from income and expenses record there are many other tasks that relate to management of rental property, such as advertise vacant property for rent, screen candidates for your rental property by requiring written applications with credit and employment references, obtain liability, fire, theft and other insurance on rental property and keeping there record, arrange for regular maintenance and necessary repairs of the property, maintain an system of collecting rental payments and security deposits.

Even more harder then this is to manage your tenants which can be really annoying with all the complaints and queries to address you need to give more time to your tenants and have record transactions and personal info of each tenants but with the help of the property management software manage your tenants can be a pleasant and smooth sailing affair this would help you effectively and with minimum effort handle your tenants. But With our rental property management software programs, you can save time and you will get fewer phone calls and address all those compliments and queries and keep track of all your tenants.

Property Rental Portals

Looking for a new rental property can be a daunting task; chances are good that if you are searching for a property online you may be looking to move to a new area of the country for work or family reasons. Even if you are not moving to a new area but are looking to move to another property in the same region it can still be a big task.

What methods are there to help with the search?

There are still the more traditional methods open to rental house hunters which will include the local papers (if you are in the area to receive one) or visiting the letting agents offices directly. These are still valuable methods but can be time consuming or impossible depending on your situation. To visit the local letting agents may take a whole day or even worse a whole weekend, depending on where you are living and where you are moving too, plus there are no guarantees that you will find what you are looking for. If you set out a weekend to look for a property it could be likely that a knee jerk reaction could happen if you become desperate to find a property during the time you are there.

How do the Property Portals/Directories Help Me

In days gone by the portal sites and directory sites that advertised property were often found to be frustrating to use, you may have found the house or flat that you would like to take a look at, make contact with the agents only for them to announce that the property had already gone and the site was out dated. The portals have now become much more sophisticated and are as up to date as the agents own websites. Taking feeds automatically from the agents own databases on a daily basis often the property found is current, OK, so you may be unlucky and have selected a property that had already gone that day, however more often than not this wont be the case.

The Available Information

The information on these sites is good and provide full property details, location maps, landlord requirements (ie/ no smoking, dss, pets) and even have the facility to download the property details so you can review your top selections in your own time offline. The rental market has always been a step behind the sales market when it comes to particulars and advertising documents, this now is not the case and you will find that rental property online is documented as well as sales. The good sites will also provide agent profile pages which outline their services and also give you a link through to their company website so you can check for further information.

Are Rentals Still Second Behind Sales

A lot of sites are focused on sales and estate agents and have the rentals as a side issue. The rentals market is an entirely different market and is aimed towards a different sector of people, it is important that the marketing online and offline is aimed towards the correct demographic group. There are specialist sites which are aimed purely towards the rental market of which it would make sense to use these services first. As always there are some better sites to use than others and it makes sense to research each one and check as many properties as you can (online) first.

Selling Your Gold for Cash

Gold prices have increased enormously since last years due to a various reasons. This means people have easy access to money, nearly everyone of have some gold or silver lying around our homes inform of jewelry, ornaments or other types that are not in use or don’t want or we just simply cant use them as they are broken. There are quite large numbers of gold companies which will offer good value for your gold based on quote price and will pay you precise amount of cash if you decide to send off the gold to them.

Who does it work?

Well first thing there is to do when you made your decision to sell your gold are to find reliable cash for gold service. As there are quite too many different cash for gold companies these days that there will be large difference in the cash amount which they will offer to you and its obvious that you will want the best deal for your gold. So you take your time and check out the different offer that will be made to you.

Still if it’s hard for you to pick a service then you can use cash for gold comparison website. It’s a great tool that allows you to search most of the popular cash for gold websites so you would be getting the very best of your deal.

Now that you have found the right company to make deal with, gather all the gold items that you want to send off for exchange. If you are to send gold rings, you should make sure that you have removed all the precious stones before hand out. Most jewelers would help you with that and even buy these precious stones from you very same day.

Yes finally when your gold is ready to be sending off, contact the cash for gold company and they will soon send you secure envelop through the post. This envelop will be free – post which you will use to pack and send off your gold. Your money should be received vie postal mail with in the given time by the company and you will have the option to accept that money or request your gold back. It’s that simple.

They will make all the profit instead of you. In my opinion try to search a well reputed buyer online then sell your jewelry. The best way to sell your broken jewelry is online but again you must be careful because you are posting your gold to someone you have never met or cannot easily be visited. You should always search those dealers whose prime business is buying gold, which are well reputed online or we can say which are well rated online.

There are dealers whose only business is online buying of scrap gold, which have well business websites and contacts on it. So you can easily contact them for query. The main and important thing is always use recorded delivery, no matter who you think you are dealing with. Before making any deal read all the provided information.

How to Find Good Cash for Gold Company

Most likely you might have heard many times about getting money for you old gold jewelry and other old stuff as seen on television commercials. But the thing that comes in to your head is how you would not get ripped off, would you trust someone with it, and most importantly how the company would pay you top dollar for you gold when it is spending thousands on television adds.

Certainly you should think of finding a low profile gold refiner who has reputation of paying money for you gold especially online. We have list some aspect that should be taken into concern while you search for some one for sending your gold.

First thing to be taken in to consideration is the price being offered for you gold. A good reputable dealer would tell you what the current commodity prices are and he will try to tie the price to the spot rate or spot prices. You would know that you would be getting a percentage of that price.

Second thing would be to get that seller to quote the price per gram when asked for price. It would be easier for you to compare prices when they are for the same unit quality. It would be difficult for you if one dealer gives you price for gram and another quote price per ounce and another just tells you his fee. If you get them to give you a quote price you can easily compare it and analyze they are paying a fraction of spot price.

3rd safe factor for safe cash for gold is that you directly make deal with the gold refiner and not with the middleman. Middlemen make profit by buying you gold on low rate and selling it again for higher price. So when you sell your gold directly to a gold refiner you are able to get much better price then middlemen.  Golden Leprechaun! – Fast easy secure get Cash For Gold and also host Gold Parties.

Last thing to look for is a helpful and good reputable gold refiner. If they do not give you a clear price and not clearly state what they will do with your gold then they might be middlemen. A good cash for gold dealer would clearly state his business operation weather he is a gold refiner or otherwise.

Cash for gold is a great mean for you to clear your old unwanted gold and other precious metals like silver and platinum and you will be able to make good money. So all you have to do is find good cash for gold company and enjoy the experience and make some money.