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How to Make a Best Web Design

The markets are flooded with experts who can design your website. Some experts can give you a really good design at reasonable cost while on the other hand they can just charge you for a design that will not help your website to attract visitors.


The problem is, you cannot tell how good is an expert just by looking at his face, in fact you will never know how much good is a designer until he designs your website and he won’t do it until you pay for it, and of what good is to know that the designer was not of the caliber you looked for after you have paid him.


But there are a few key characteristics that a good web design should posses.


The website must be designed for all users; this means a user with Firefox must be open your website as well as a user with internet explorer or opera or Google chrome. The design must be compatible with almost all browsers and almost all versions of all browsers, because most of the users do not bother to upgrade their browser to the latest version.


The fast age people want fast page and fast downloading. Lower the downloading speed of page, lower will be the organic traffic on your website. Thus if you want more and more visitors to come again and again on your website, which you surely do, then try to keep the load on the page as reduced as possible. The graphics used must be chosen carefully so that they don’t reduce the page speed. Many of your visitors may be using devices which do not allow graphics, using a ALT HTML tag will at least let them have an idea about the pictures that weren’t displayed on their device. Web Development , Website Design Agency , Website Development !!! 360 Creative Inc. the art of marketing & the science of creativity


The websites appearance must be in your control to enable you to change its style time to time. This can be done by separating the content and the presentation. The modern technologies like CSS can do it for you. There are other technologies that might be able to do the same, but most popular among them is the CSS (cascading style sheets).


While using multimedia on the website, it is more convenient to use streaming media rather than to let the user to wait for the media to download. A good design always has space for visitors with all browsers and with different internet speeds by providing them the substitute of the media if their browser doesn’t support it or if they have low speed connections. This can be done by giving in text what was given in the multimedia.


We all know that nothing is perfect in reality. Everything always needs modifications and so does your website, thus encourage your visitors to give feedback in forms of polls or surveys or the “like” and “dislike” buttons can help you know what your visitors think of your website and its design.


Thus a key to the successful business is a quality website and the services of a web development agency or specialized web developers. But your choice of an agency or a web developer can affect your business in both negative and positive ways. Now it’s up to you that what kind of a service provider you choose for your website.

What iPhone did to Lifestyle, Internet, Blogs, Forums and Social Media

It was 2007 and Apple released its first ever iPhone. It then became an astonishing and distinct Cell Phone Family with further releases of iPhone series. Apple CEO Steve Jobs directed his engineers to complete the iPhone in 2005 and this project completed in 2007. The iPhone went on sale in the United States on June 29, 2007, at 6:00 pm local time, while hundreds of customers lined up outside the stores nationwide. The first iPhone was made available in the UK, France, and Germany in November 2007, and Ireland and Austria in the spring of 2008. (wikipedia)

But what does that initial release changed in our world? Well many things, including life style, much more mobile buying, better web experience in smart phones and a war of companies to release comparative Operating Systems and Cell Phones.

We then saw the Release of Android Operating System, and also the new Windows Phone 7. Although Windows Operating system for mobiles existed but they either operated on a Resistive Touch screen that required a pen, or on mobiles with no touch screen.

Apple iPhone made touch screen to new era with Capacitive touch screen which ran brilliantly with thumb and no Pen was needed. The earlier competitor with Apple was BlackBerry but no way in design or functionality were both similar. It was mostly the ease and services they were providing. Now a days Apple finds competition in Android and Windows Phone 7 and also mobile companies that make cell phone for these operating systems like HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

With the release of this wonderful cell phone came many technology changes, as the phone came locked to only one carrier AT&T (although now it comes with Verizon also) and most of the applications were paid. Hackers started jailbreaking and unlocking this device and introduced a famous software name Cydia which runs inside iPhone. We can say that with the release of iPhone, the hacking world stepped up its speed because other OS like Android and Windows normally are much open than Apple’s iOS. Many Mobile Phone makers tried to break or Kill the iPhone and hence the world was looking for an iPhone killer for years but still many people believe that not a single mobile phone has killed the iPhone yet. Although now Android and Windows Phone 7cell phones are becoming more and more popular in the world because of its cheaper price and different design.

What effect this device from Apple made on the internet world is worth mentioning here as well. After the arrival of iPhone series came all the discussions and analysis on iPhone Forum and many other forums and Blogs. And also now websites consider making Touch Phone friendly versions because of the popularity of Touch Screen phones. Social Media websites like twitter and facebook have gained a lot from Apple iPhone and Also iPhone have gained a lot from Social Media websites, so both parties are responsible for the success of each other. Mobile gaming also went to advanced level with the release of iPhone, which contained high end Graphics card. Although now it seems Microsoft has gone very advanced in Windows Phone gaming, but we will have to see what the new iPhone 5 brings out.

One more thing that came after Apple’s Cell phone release was the Patent War. Nokia’s claim on Apple and Apple’s claims on Nokia and Samsung are one of the few famous ones. Now Apple is looking to introduce new technology to its devices, technologies like iCloud; which is like a Network hub. Through this technology a user can sync though its various Apple devices running Mac OSX or iOS like, Mac Notebook, iPhone and iPad etc.

As the world becomes GPS-linked now and also Google Maps linked, many expectations are from Google and Apple to bring real good to the end user.

New Version of Facebook for iPhone Launched

Just few days after new version of Facebook for Android, now Facebook for iPhone ver 3.4.3 is launched, this update fixes many bugs and enhanced security.

Facebook refrained from providing a change log or a list of enhancements and improvements. The update app is said to be more secure than its previous versions and more or less delivers the same user experience as seen on the previous version of the app.

Facebook for iPhone is without a doubt one of the most widely used iPhone apps, and also Facebook’s one of the most downloaded mobile app in comparison with Android and WP7 operating systems. The application delivers an absolute enhanced Facebook experience on the iPhone completed with news feeds, chats, photo uploads, games and more.

This app is compatible with Apple iPad and Apple iPod touch but the words are in the air of a separate application for iPad users. We will have to wait and see if it is true.

As said on Application page: “Facebook for iPhone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. Use your iPhone to start a conversation with Facebook Chat, check your friends’ latest photos and status updates, look up a phone number, or upload your own mobile photos to Facebook while on the go.”

The company is said to be working on a desktop client which can introduce Facebook video chat service that would be seen as an in-browser feature and can replace the traditional text-only chatting tool now offered by Facebook. Never the less this new application is a must have for all the Facebook addicts owning an Apple Hand held device.

It is yet to see how people response to this update, but many users believe the changes were useless and they don’t like this update. Please let us know how you find this?

iPhone Forum – Delivering the solutions for queries.

You can download Facebook for iPhone from iTunes store by clicking here.

Bing Backlinks Dropped?

I was going through my routine backlinks count against few websites when I noticed something weird. Bing backlinks count against all the websites dropped on or around 17th June 2011. And the drop was very noticeable.

For example, one of my websites had 150 Bing Backlinks and they dropped to 20. That’s right only 20, although its getting up ever so slowly. Similarly in another website I had 1107 backlinks which is reduced to only only 170.

One thing is observed that Bing is showing very different results than Google now a days. With the Google new Panda Algorithm, many say it is showing better results now while most SEO specialist think their business has been hammered by Google. People are still trying hard to crack the new Google Panda algorithm so that they can get their SEO – SEM business running. One thing is observed in Google Panda Algorithm is that not all websites are being affected and that is a strange thing. I am sure if someone separates which websites are being affected and which are not we could find an answer to our problems.

As most people do SEO against Google only and not against Bing and Yahoo, it is hard to tell what effect does the latest drop in Bing backlinks makes. But we have seen so far that just like Google, only few websites were affected in Bing as well (not all).

The following picture shows the Drop in backlinks in one of our websites, we had same drop in all other websites.

Bing Backlinks sudden drop in links noticed

This suggests either Bing developed a new algorithm like Google’s Panda OR Bing made a list of banned websites (some article sites etc.) Or anything else?

Kindly share your thoughts with us on this topic. Have you noticed the drop in your Bing Backlinks count? And what changed in your website results in Bing? If you have any latest news about that, kindly get involved and share that as well.

Why Do I Need a Website

The website you own is the symbol of your business and it is a major mean to help expanding your business and to automate business workflow. In fact your website determines the direction of your business because in contemporary business the customer is a person who is sitting hundreds of miles away or may be he is your neighbor but still he will go to your website for business matters as everyone prefers to buy or sell sitting in front of computer. That’s why you need a sophisticated and user friendly website. Mostly website design agencies do the job for you to make your website better.

Developing your website
The website development or the web development is a term which has become more popular for last 20 years. The agencies and companies were formed for the job of web development. These companies provided their customers the services like web designing and constructing a website and developing it. Once you have a website you will need web development agencies for improvements in your website and for the maintenance of your website. Web Development, Website Design Agency, Website Development!!! 360 Creative Inc. the art of marketing & the science of creativity

Though it seems to be much expense in all this process but thanks to the tremendous increase in the web development industry that the website which was earlier worth ten thousand dollars, you can get it now for less than one thousand dollars. There are two main service providers related to the web development. They are the web developers and the web development agencies.

Web developers
The web developers are the specialists in the internet applications and website development. The main role of the web developers is in the programming of internet applications. The high class web developers offer services like development and implementation of content management systems and the designs of the websites and different web language programming.

A good developer can help you with the quality website and the web marketing thus providing you with the boosted income from the website and saving your business money in the long run.

Web development agencies
The web development agencies offer plans which are more reasonable for and beneficial for the business owner because they provide you with a whole series of services. There services plan includes the web site design , website development, advertisement of the website , online and offline marketing, web site maintenance and the search engine optimization.

As the agencies have a well organized team of professionals and a well defined plan for your website development they are more capable of making your website itself a revenue channel. The agencies, being comprised of a team and usually a large team, have the advantage of more and more ideas and changes for your website. The agencies also help you to advertise your services to your target market in an appropriate manner and help making a brand name.

Remember! Your choice matters a lot
Thus a key to the successful business is a quality website and the services of a web development agency or specialized web developers. But your choice of an agency or a web developer can affect your business in both negative and positive ways. Now it’s up to you that what kind of a service provider you choose for your website.

Website Design and Development Process

In designing a website there are number of steps involved from gathering information to the creation of your website and at the end the maintenance work it needs to be up to date and running. This process varies from designer to designer but the basic step remains the same. Here are the steps to creative a well design website.

Step1: First step in developing a website is to gather information. A lot needed to be taken into account while planning for the look and theme of your website. So designer has to understand the clients business properly for which he might need information regarding clients business. What purpose does this website going to serve to the viewers; what client wants to achieve from this website. Two most common goals are to make money or share information. Then another important question would be to ask; is there any specific group of people that are most likely to help your goals and what kind of information or content your target audience would be looking for on your website.

Step2: The designer now needs to put up a plan for your website. It is where he develops a site map. This map shows the main topic areas and sub topics of your website. It is design by keeping in mind the convenience of your customers and finds it easy to navigate. The designer will ask you what tools should be applied such as interactive forms, eCommerce, flash, etc. Web Development, Website Design Agency, Website Development!!! 360 Creative Inc. the art of marketing & the science of creativity

Step3: in this phase the designer determines what kind of feel and look to be given to the site. The key factor is considering target audience reaction to it. The company logo and color theme should be kept in mind while deciding about the site theme. A designer would create one or more sample designs for the site. It might be just an image to see what the final product will look like. The designer should allow you to view your project through out the design and development stage so you can give your views like and dislikes on the site design. In this step the communication between you and your designer is very important.

Step4: This is the stage where the site is actually made. The designer would take all the elements and graphics from the prototype and use them in the actual functional site. The designer makes the home page then the shell for interior of the page. Shell will sever as the template for the content pages. Other elements like interactive contact forms, flash animations and shopping carts are applied and made functional in this point.

Step5: At this step the designer will address the final details and test the website. The designer will test the functionality of different elements and other script. He will deal with the compatibility issues arising from viewing the site on different web browsers. He has to make sure that it can be viewed at latest web browsers.

Step6: if you want your costumers to repeatedly visit your website you have to offer new content or product on a regular basis. Many of the designers offer maintenance packages with reduced rates based on how often you want to him to make changes or additions.

Main Components of Internet Marketing

When it comes to buying anything people start with products and services search of internet, so they can have a better view of different things available in market.  This one factor makes the internet the number one choice for users. Internet is fast changed the way people used to do things. Internet brings the global audience closer and introduced a new medium of advertising which is quite unique compare to other advertising medium. Companies have different option to reach the prospective customers but internet has become the main medium for reaching potential clients anywhere across the globe. Similarly search engines like Google, Yahoo, make the searching of products and services very easy and they are excellent source of obtaining new clients as well as build you brand. Here we will try to get more information about internet marketing components. Internet marketing mainly depends upon these components. Let start with Search Engine Optimization. Online Marketing Agency, Online Marketing !!! 360 Creative Inc. the art of marketing & the science of creativity


Search Engine Optimization

The short form of Search engine optimization is SEO. SEO is the process to improve visibility of website, by improving words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering or we can say this is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Web site by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. By improving words and phrases search engine ranking relevant to what is site offering. The higher a Web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user. SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine. It is common practice for Internet users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks in a search is essential for directing more traffic toward the site. SEO is not really that simple as its definition is, but bottom line is, that if website is well optimize both for on page and off page SEO, you generally get higher search engine rankings, which Leeds to traffic for you. Main task is to get your keywords on first page of search engine; this will helps you in getting good quality traffic.


Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization become the important and plays a vital role in Internet Marketing. Mainly there are two methods available for website optimization. First is SEO which is explain above and second is SMO (Social Media Optimization). Social Media Optimization is the easiest way to attract lots of unique visitors towards website content that is any product or services. In SMO we perform many different activities like page creation, blog creation, promotion of that pages and blogs to increase the number of fans and many other things.


PPC / Pay Per Click

This is an advertising program or technique used by business owner to advertise their products and services on search engines, advertising networks, and websites. In this, advertisers bid on different keywords which they think can give them potential customers. Or we can these keywords represent their target market audience to whom they want to reach through these websites and search engines. The advertiser pays only when user clicks on his advertisement. Different companies offer PPC, like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Google program is known as Google AdWords, MSN program called MSN AdCenter.

Web Development Guide

Website development is the process of creating or developing website. We can define the web development as presentation of information in organized and lucrative manner. This process involves graphic design, animation, website coding, photography, search engine optimization. However among web professionals, web development usually refers to non-design aspects of building websites, like writing markup and coding. Commonly websites have two types of pages dynamic or static. The dynamic page automatically adapt to content or visual appearance of web page.

Now let’s talk about the main four major stages in the process of developing a website. These four stages are website definition and planning, information architecture, site design, and site construction.

The first step is to define your goals and objectives for website. Then collect and analyze the information you have to justify the budget and resources. Write website contents, which fill out the reader’s expectations. Define interactive functionality and technology support required to reach the mind of a visitor. Involve the design aspect as soon as possible in this stage.

In second stage you need to finalize the contents as well as organization of the website. Here add new content in the existing contents if required and define the organization structure. With this content architecture you should build small prototypes parts of the sites to test what it feel like and how design looks with this contents. This prototyping will help you in site navigation and user interface. It also helps the graphic designers to develop relation between site look and navigation interface.

In third phase overall graphic design standards are created and approved like page grid, page design, photography, illustrations, and other graphic or audiovisual content. Research, writing, organizing, assembling, and editing the site’s text content is also performed at this stage. The programming, database design, data entry and search engine design should be well over and finalize by now.

In the final stage of the project the bulk of the site’s web pages constructed and filled out with content. You will always learn new things about your overall design as the prototype matures into the full-blown web site. Be prepared to refine your designs as you and your users navigate through the growing web site and discover both weak spots and opportunities to improve navigation or content. Web Development, Website Design Agency, Website Development!!! 360 Creative Inc. the art of marketing & the science of creativity

By waiting until you have detail site architecture, mature content components, fully tested wireframes and prototypes, and a polished page design specification you will minimize the content churning, redundant development efforts, and wasted energy that inevitably result from rushing to create pages too soon. Once the site has been constructed, with all pages completed and all database and programming components linked, it is ready for user testing. Testing should be done primarily by people outside your site development team who are willing to supply informed criticism and report programming bugs, note typographic errors, and critique the overall design and effectiveness of the site. Fresh users will inevitably notice things that you and your development team have overlooked. Only after the site has been thoroughly tested and refined should you begin to publicize the url of the site to a larger audience.